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Are you a fan of the incredible Showtime series, Dexter? If you are looking to shop Dexter Merchandise, there are many places you can choose to shop on the web. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for or even which character you want to find new merchandise from, there are different places you can choose to shop for the latest Dexter products you are going to buy.

Dexter the crime series that has enthralled the blood and gore fan club is a clever study of a complex character who works for the Miami Police Department. One would find him carefully investigating the crime scene leaving the first time watchers completely perplexed by his character. Dexter is based on the crime thriller by Jeff Lindsay namely Darkly Dreaming Dexter and Dearly Devoted Dexter, both telling the story of Dexter Morgan who has a love for blood. In fact to kill is his only emotion. Veiled to the degree of complete anonymity, Dexter has a steady girlfriend and lends support to his sister in a rather conservative familial manner, enough to fool everyone into believing his ‘regular guy’ image. His love for gore and thirst for blood are justified through the code of complete secrecy and silence that he had made to his foster father,Harry, to whom he promises to hunt down criminals who escape justice never to be able to commit another heinous act.

A study of absolute contrast, the show has been a runaway success in all its seven seasons mainly because of the powerful character portrayal by Michael C. Hall . The unexplained blood lust is discovered by Harry his foster father, who finds Dexter as child in a gory crime scene thereafter adopting and raising him as his child. His blood rage which was bound to make him into a serial killer subsequently is redirected by Harry to a more positive direction giving vent to his darker tendencies for what is called as ‘Harry’s code’. Many would call it part -vigilante part- killer ,but the number of bodies found under the Miami Bay confirms that Harry’s plot was working just fine.

Here is story so completely unconventional that it has made one look at human psychology and emotional content a lot more closely. Stalking and killing with cold and emotionless precision may have got Dexter the viewership of those wanting to watch dark crimes but what has made him into some kind of a cult figure is his ability to love and feign it to perfection. With a new twist added with Deb, his adoptive sister, discovering his true self and also revealing her not so sisterly love for him momentarily jeopardizes the perfection with which Dexter manages his life. America’s most popular serial killer has manged to draw the highest viewership season after season.

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